New bands, presale has begun


It´s time to announce some new bands.
DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT will return to UTBS. Expect a dark and bloody show of one of Germanys best BM acts.

INFERNO from Cz Rep confirmed for UTBS 2017.This band will perform for the very first time at UTBS.
Expect a occvlt, dark and blasphemic show.

2015, Ebola pick up the project of CRYFEMAL from the grave and record the seventh album, called "D6s6nti6rro"
20th Anniversary of playing Necro Metal in 2016 and in 2017 at UTBS with one of their rare gigs.

The presale has begun. You can get the early bird ticket for 50,00€ at the Folter Records Shop.

New confirmations and pre-sale started


It is time for some new bands!

For the very first time at UTBS: NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION. A sad and grim spirit which rises from the ashes of life, representing of an unique style mixing Black Metal with Doom, Heavy, Dark Metal and Classical music. An original musical concept born from the spirits of H.Suizid and Lord Lokhraed. NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION presents a music with a tormented and oppressed atmosphere. A music full of sorrow and despair. A soundtrack for a suicide...

We all remember their excessive show in 2014 and now they are back: Of course we are talking about Italian KULT, who will also start to record their new masterpiece soon - expect brand new stuff, a brutal show and total darkness in Summer 2017!

From now on Early-Bird tickets are available. Get your entrance here!

Date and first band for UTBS 2017


It's time for anniversary. In 2017, the Under The Black Sun festival will take place the 20th time. That jubilee will be solemnized from 29th June to 1st July again at Helenenau, in the woods outside Berlin!

We are very proud to announce the first band for the 20th UTBS anniversary in 2017: The Ruins Of Beverast!

For the first time this German outfit will enter the stage in the woods of Helenenau. The band formed by Alexander von Meilenwald offers one of the deepest and dark soundscapes in the Black/Doom Metal scene. So, for sure, we think this is a highlight to start with.