UTBS 2021 postponed

As many of you already expected, we have bad news. We are sorry to have to announce that UTBS2021 has to be postponed to 2022.
Some things you should know:
1. Even with regulations partly lifted, it's not enough to have the festival happen in any way we see fit. Even taking testing and masks into consideration, we will not, under any circumstances, have you forced to sit, as this would be highly ridiculous.
2. We don't want you to take the risk of booking hotels/accomodation, planing longer car rides or even flights without a minimum of guarantees that the festival will take place.
3. We can't take the risk of going on with preparations and having the festival shut down a week or even with less time ahead. Since there was not much of a reaction, nor answer to get from neither the health department, nor the regulatory office, we don't see any room to have further hopes. Without any official permission for a festival like ours, there is no way to go. It's the German Bureaucratic Republic, after all.
4. Yes, YOUR TICKETS WILL STAY VALID for UTBS2022. Of course, you are free to return them, if you like. In that case, just send us an email to, and we will take care of it. As well, we can offer you to transform the ticket into a voucher for everything the Folter Records Shop has in store.
5. We want you to be able to see the bands you intended to when you bought the tickets. In some cases, headliners and smaller bands would have had to cancel because of the pandemic-releated travel restrictions, cancelled tours and other stuff. We will try our very best to get a line-up for UTBS2022, as close as possible to the line-up of UTBS2021 and can say, that a large number of bands already confirmed for next year.
6. Next sunday, we will announce something we had in mind when talking about an alternative, to have something going later this year. It's the 30-year anniversary of Folter Records Germany after all. We won't let this year pass without a live event.

UTBS 2020 postponed to 2021


Hey guys, Corona has stolen 1 year from our lives. It has stolen our activities, concerts, festivals, open airs, parties and so on. We had and have to stay at home for now.
This means, UTBS 2020 is already history before it has begun.
So with heavy hearts and deep sorrow we have decided to postpone UTBS 2020 until 2021.
Many of you have voted to postpone the festival and we also felt it would be not fair to the fans that are attending from other countries.
The new date for UTBS is 01.07.-03.07.2021 and we hope that all bands from this years line up can play in 2021.
Tickets and drinking coupons are valid for 2021.
For our Guests who want to get a refund for their tickets, please write to

So enough negativity , some good news guys. We want to let you know that we are planing a 2 day Festival for the first weekend in September (04./05.09.2020).
The festival is a cooperation of UTBS/ Triple Six Concerts and Kältetod Legion and will just have German bands should this be POSSIBLE. The venue for this event is Friesack.

MGLA confirmed for UTBS 2020


MGLA confirmed for UTBS 2020!

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